Our Services

Corporate Events: banquets, parties & more

No matter what type of event you are hosting, leave it to Dragon Entertainment to create an enchanting and festive atmosphere. Show your guests your generosity, spirit, and appreciation as they enjoy the many festivities, games, and effects that we will arrange.

Mobile Screen: bigscreen events

Whether you are an event organizer looking for a hot ticket item that will pull in a crowd or a company wanting to gain further exposure with effective Outdoor Advertising, Dragon Entertainment provides you with solutions.

Weddings: dj'ing, up lighting & more...

We're FUN, entertaining and just the thing to make your event a memorable, unique and unforgettable experience. With the added attraction of Confetti machines, Snow machines, Bubbles machines, Lazar Lights, Up Lighting, Monogram Lighting and Three screens sizes to choose from with projector.

Parties, Photo Booth & more... it's electric

Want the ultimate in fun & flexibility for your next party or gathering? Dragon Entertainment has you covered!